Our ultimate objective is to bring change in the society to drive away economic disparity, gender inequality,Casteism, population explosion, Environment protection related to plastics, E-waste & other social problems. our goal is simple-let us al succed together and let no one be deprived of basic amenities and education. with an ambition of UPLIFTMENT AND DEVELOPENT OF DEPRIVED SECTION, we are working for the development of disadvantaged group of the society such as commercial sex workers, their children, tribal people, women in distress, other backward class people, poor class in urban & rural areas etc.


Vanchit’ means deprived & Vikas’ means development. Our missin is to get involved in upbringing of the poorer section of the society and nuturing our futur. We are striving for the improvement of the standard of living the disadvantaged section of society by providing the their basic rights such as right to food, right to have shelter, right to education, employment opportunities, etc. we are making efforts to attain goal of UPLIFTMENT AND DEVELOPMENT OF DEPRIVED SECTION by bringing them in the conventional portion of the society and giving them all over acceptance as the dignified section of the society.