Sabala Mahila Kendra

Sabala Mahila Kendra, Pune

Commencement : Since 1982

Area of operation : Pune

This facility aims at providing marriage and family counselling for women and their families since 1982. This has helped the families to live in harmony and amicably tackle family disputes. Currently vocational training courses, life skill and family life education sessions are being conducted at various schools.


Sabala Mahila Kendra, (Women Empowerment Centre), Latur Maharashtra, India

(Rehabilitation centre for widows / deserted women / women facing social problems)

Commencement: 10th August 1994

Area of operation : Latur, Osmanabad and Beed district of  Marathwada in Maharashtra State

Divorcee, separated and widowed women are not given due respect in society. In view of this, centre was initiated at Latur on 5th August 1994 with an objective of achieving social integration of such women so that they lead respectful life. Initially this centre was run from a rented place. In 2008, a specious facility was build to accommodate these women. Over 450 such women have stayed at this facility up till now from various rural regions of Marathwada for the purpose of education. All of them are now economically independent and have earned respect in the society. Presently women from urban areas are also availing this facility.

Recently we have started skill training programme for the urban poor women.