Neehar (Dew Drops)

Lohagaon –Vadgaon Shinde Road, Lohagaon, Pune 411047

Commencement: 5th July 1989

Area of Operation: Entire Maharashtra; with special focus on Pune City

On 5th July,1989 Neehar, a home was set up for rehabilitation of children of commercial sex workers. ‘Neehar’ offers homely atmosphere for children’s all round development. Initially we faced resistance from people but today the very same people have accepted these children and help us in taking care of them. Till now over 94 such children have been successfully rehabilitated. Some of them have become teachers, professor, some engineers whereas some others have become nurses. Over 60 girls from Neehar are happily married.  The children are accepted by the society. Presently ‘Neehar’ takes care of 25 children.