Chandikadevi Skill Development Centre

Commencement : 1st  April  2017

Area of Operation : Taluka – Pandharkavda, Dist.Yavatmal

After addressing the issues of livelihood in tribal community of  Pandharkawada area we decided to focus on girl’s education. It was observed that girls in tribal community quit schools after 4th standard and get married at an adolescent age. We decided to open residential hostel facility for such unfortunate girls. This project was initially started with 12 girls. Yearly we cater the needs of 70 girls between the age group of 10 to 18. These girls are able to continue their education and even pursue higher education without the fear of getting married at an early age. Some of these girls have joined nursing schools in Pune. Construction of a new building with modern amenities was built in the campus in 2011. This has helped in betterment of facilities to the resident girls.

The aims & objectives have been successfully achieved over the last 20years.   Instead of simply running the hostel for formal schooling or college education of the girls, now there is a necessity of  starting  vocational & skill development training for these girls. We are working on these lines. At present  we have started basic tailoring and fashion designing course. We wish to start nursing school for the girls. It will help them to become confident and financially independent. They will enjoy respectful life in their own house and in the society.