Welcome to Vanchit Vikas

Welcome to Vanchit Vikas (Upbringing of Deprived), a non-profit organization that is involved in upbringing of the poorer sections of the society and nurturing our future. Our goal is simple - Let us all succeed together and Let no one be deprived of basic amenities and education.

Since independence, India has made advancements in all the fields. Since 1991, due to the newly initiated economic policies India has achieved a distinguished status. Today it is the world's popular, secular and most vibrant economies with lots of hopes. Even with his advancements, almost 70% of India's .

Population is deprived of necessities and advantages of the progress. To fulfill this obligation and bridge this gap, Vanchit Vikas was established in 1985. Since the beginning, we knew that we had to work hard to create a balance in society and ensure that no one is left untouched from the progress, especially women and children.


Vanchit Vikas had worked hard for many years to simultaneously initiate several social service programs and hence cover a wide domain. We intend to bring a complete transformation of the society we stay in. To achieve this goal we have also initiated a Janeev Sangatana (Awareness Group) in 1982, which is a parent body of the trust Vanchit Vikas. It is our belief that women, children, dalits, adivasis, tribals, farmers and farm workers, and poorer classes in cities all need to be brought in tune with others, without which we cannot guarantee the progress of the society overall. For strength, all the branches of the tree and the roots need to be stronger, without which the tree will collapse.

Janeev basically works with unorganised sectors and latest issues. On 6th May 1992 Under Janeev's umbrella Janeev Hawkers Sanghatana was registered for solving the multiple problems faced by the hawkers, handcart peddlers, street vendors etc. In the year 2000 guidelines for developing hawkers policy was given to pune muncipal corporation. Mr. Shanjay Shanke the project coordinator of Javeev Hawkers Sanghatana is the representative of the hawkers policy 2007. Janeev Hawkers Sanghatana regularly represented meeting conducted by centeral government for developing national policy of street vendors, social security, food safety bill. Members registered under Janeev Hawkers Sanghatana till date are 17,380, PMC Licence holders are 7,422, total hawkers in Pune are 42,000 & expected rehabilitation is 10,265.