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Shri. Vilas Chaphekar has been active in the field of social service, transforming himself from a Professor ; to bring about positive changes in the life of deprived people in neglected sectors of the society.  
He started social work much early in life (at the age of 17). Worked extensively among students, street children, children of sex workers, non-formal Education in slum areas ... read more

NEEHAR Celebrating Silver Jubilee Year



On 5th July, 1989 Neehar, a foster home was set up with a purpose of rehabilitating children of commercial sex workers. In the initial stages, there was a lot of resistance from local people but today the very same people have accepted these children in the society and are taking care of them. Till date  70 such children have been successfully rehabilitated.

Chandikadevi Tribal Girl's Hostel

It was observed that girls in tribal community quit schools after 4th standard and get married at an adolescent age. We decided to open residential hostel facility for such unfortunate girls. This project was initially started with 12 girls. Currently this facility has 64 girls between the age group of 10 and 18. 

Sabala Mahila Kendra, Latur

Divorcee, deserted and widowed women from rural India have long been subjected to exploitation. With an objective of achieving social integration of such women this centre was started in Latur on 8th august 1984. Till date, over 450 women from various rural areas Marathwada have taken advantage of the facilities provided at the centre. 

Clinic and Guidance-cum-counseling centre

Clinic, Pathology lab and Guidance cum counseling center are run for women in red light area. The main aim of the centre is to spread awareness about  HIV-AIDS  through street plays, poster exhibition;  among all age groups in red light area. Regular medical check-up, treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, de-addiction programmes are conducted at the centre.


Not all children of commercial sex workers can be accommodated in Neehar. Similar facility in Red Light Area was started in September 2005, to provide a secure environment for these children. From crèche and nursery to computer education, from proper diet to cleanliness and hygiene – all the needs of these children are given due attention.


Abhiruchi class commenced since 1982, i.e. along with the establishment of Vanchit Vikas.  These centres provide opportunity to children to enjoy their childhood through various activities such as games, songs, dance and street plays. These activities  enhance creativity and observation capacity among children.

Nirmal Ranwara

A magazine dedicated to children in the age group of 4 to 12 years. Published since 1984, Nirmal Ranwara puts focus on the creativity aspect along with children’s entertainment, promoting scientific approach and teaching children importance of social responsibility.   

Sabala Mahila Kendra Pune

This facility is operational in Pune since 1982 with a purpose of providing marriage counseling to the troubled married women who struggle with issues such as family feuds. Sabala Mahila Kendra has helped these women by providing them with marriage counseling and by keeping their marriages intact. 



Many women in our society are leading a single life. Not all of them are poor or are in need of sympathy. What they truly need is pure friendship and an opportunity to express themselves. After realizing this fact, we decided to work in the direction wherein they will get a platform to come together and will have healthy bonding. We are getting very good  response for this work.  

Mahila Sabalikaran

The next step after undertaking work of rural development, is empowerment of women in rural areas. The burning issues relating to female feticides, girls’ education, female exploitation are covered under this project. Main objective of these centres is to generate awareness about these issues. 

HIV / AIDS awareness programme

This project has been working as per guidelines issues by Maharashtra State Aids control Society. The project received funding from Maharashtra Government between 1997-98 till 2000-01; and thereafter between 2002-03 till 2008-09. Spreading awareness about HIV / Aids in the Red light area in particular, and in Pune city in General are the main objective of this project.

Organ Donation

It has been observed that some diseases or  accidents lead to loss of certain organ disabilities which can be cured if right organs are made available to such disabled persons.  There is a need to create awareness about eye donation / organ donation. With this purpose in mind we have started our work in this direction along with Shirish Hari Kurlekar Charitable Trust.

Manav Nirman

Human resource is the real strength of any organization, more so when the organization happens to be social organization. Honest, passionate and studious volunteers are necessary to carry out this onerous task of social activity. Through Manav Nirman a pool of volunteers is created continuously through various training programmes.


  गणेश मंडळातील तरुणांना आव्हान
नुकताच वंचित विकासच्या दवाखान्यात एक कार्यक्रम झाला, भाऊबीजेचा. शरीरविक्रय करणाऱ्या स्त्रियांसाठी. पुण्यातील गणेशोत्सव मंडळाचे काही पदाधिकारी व कार्यकर्ते मोठ्या उत्साहाने त्यासाठी आले होते. more

  संस्कृती व समाज
खरं तर न मागता आपला जन्म होतो. अकल्पितपणे केव्हातरी आपला मृत्यु होतो. जन्म आणि मृत्यु ही दोन ढळढळीत सत्य आहेत. आणि मरेपर्यंत जगावेच लागते हे तिसरे सत्य. more