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Shri. Vilas Chaphekar has been active in the field of social service, transforming himself from a Professor ; to bring about positive changes in the life of deprived people in neglected sectors of the society.  
He started social work much early in life (at the age of 17). Worked extensively among students, street children, children of sex workers, non-formal Education in slum areas ... read more

NEEHAR Celebrating Silver Jubilee Year



Neehar is a home for rehabilitation of children of commercial sex workers. Right now there are 68 boys and girls with in age group of 3 to 18 years. Till date 70 boys and girls have been rehabitated and our society has accepted them.

Chandikadevi Tribal Girl's Hostel

To stop girl childmarriagies in the tribal pauda,to improve their educational status, overall personality development through formal education, vocational guidance and technical education to these girls this hostel was started under tribal development project. Many girls from Vidharbha have got opportunity of education at this hostel. Right now 65 girls are taking benefit here.

Sabala Mahila Kendra, Latur

The project is started for deserted women and widows.400 women are empowered by vocational training provided at SMK.Now trainings are conducted for needy women in urban area.

Clinic and Guidance-cum-counseling centre

Clinic, pathology lab and Guidance cum counseling center are run for women in red light light area. The main aim of the clinic is to provide awareness of HIV-AIDA through street plays, poster exhibition among all age groups in red light area.


Abhiruchi class has been commenced since the establishment of Vanchit Vikas. Such centers are in operation in Pune and urban and rural parts of Maharashtra.It provides opportunity to the children to relish their childhood by providing them scope of creativity, improving their observation capacity, making them learn their independent identity. The activities which give boost to the personality development of the children.


To encourage women who are staying alone or despite a family living a solitary life to speak their hearts out and try find a possible solution to help them solve their issues. These women are not poor nor they are helpless, they didn’t want any sympathy, these women just need to speak their hearts out and try a possible solution to solve their issues. Considering all these things we have started working on this. We got response beyond expectations.


Village Development

Three initiatives in three regions of Maharashtra are currently ongoing which were initiated by V. V. In Vidarbha Yavatmal district the project initiated for welfare of Adivasis ( tribals ) has been completed and the villagers are now made self-sufficient. They look after their own production and sales.

Gosavi Wasti

Since 1986 we are working for development of tribal community settled on hilly area of Nanded village near Pune. Now all the proposals of Village development is been sustained by young villagers.

Farming on Hilly Terrain


For children in the red light area activities like Creches, Balwadi, non formal education, study classes are carried out.

Nirmal Ranwara

Since 1984 Nirmal Ranwara magazine is run for the children of age group 4 to 12 years to focus scope for creativity along with scientific approach and building awareness. The subscribers of the magazine are spread all over the Maharashtra and more particularly in the remote areas also.

Mahila Sabalikaran

HIV / AIDS awareness programme

Sabala Mahila Kendra Pune

The centre is working since 1982 for family counseling and guidance by informal way. Internal family clashes are solved by way of mutual understanding and further counseling is carried out in centre. Gender equality is the challenging issue for us.

Life skill education is provided in schools for adolescent boys and girls by centre.


  गणेश मंडळातील तरुणांना आव्हान
नुकताच वंचित विकासच्या दवाखान्यात एक कार्यक्रम झाला, भाऊबीजेचा. शरीरविक्रय करणाऱ्या स्त्रियांसाठी. पुण्यातील गणेशोत्सव मंडळाचे काही पदाधिकारी व कार्यकर्ते मोठ्या उत्साहाने त्यासाठी आले होते. more

  संस्कृती व समाज
खरं तर न मागता आपला जन्म होतो. अकल्पितपणे केव्हातरी आपला मृत्यु होतो. जन्म आणि मृत्यु ही दोन ढळढळीत सत्य आहेत. आणि मरेपर्यंत जगावेच लागते हे तिसरे सत्य. more